Whitby Steampunk Weekend

Twice a year Whitby hosts a Steampunk weekend. Town is full of all sorts of folk dressed in all their steampunk finary. I exhibit with two good friends, Trish Shaw and Claire Ward, as In Sooth.

IMG 2042 IMG 2046

This is our exhibition in the Spa in Whitby, what fantastic views we have behind us. I decided to make some new work for this weekend. The weekend is all about fantastic things, weird and wonderful. So my new peices needed to be too. I decided to create new characters that fitted in with this idea. Ive been thinking about mixing human and animal, shamanistic, folkloreish. heres what i came up with.

IMG 2029 IMG 2030 IMG 2028 IMG 2027

These four came to the exhibition with me, the torsos are machine stitched, the heads hand stitched.Im now working on a new one which will be completley hand stitched.

IMG 2032

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