Whitby Art Fair 2017

Whitby Art Fair,

IMG 1548

Heres a chance to come and meet me face to face, take a look at some of my work in real time, have a chat about what I do, and I can have a go at answering any questions you might have. I don’t often get chance to get out and about with my work, so this is a great opportunity to come say hello.

The Spa in Whitby will have over 40 artists showing you all varieties of arts and crafts. Mainly from the Scarborough/Whitby area, but all worth spending some of your time with.

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As well as Art Quilts, you will find framed work, cards and small items. I will be taking last years entry to Festival of Quilts with me and maybe a sneaky look at this years before it heads off to Birmingham for the show in August.

IMG 1593

a new card design

IMG 1601

Gulliver and Flossie bookmarks

I will of course be taking some stitching with me. You’d be very welcome to come and have a go. Hope to see you there.

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