Whitby Art Fair

Whitby Art Fair. What a wonderful weekend. So many interesting people came to see us.

IMG 1722

So many exciting conversations leading to new opportunities

IMG 1733

Im looking forward to making new work and perhaps introducing new people to the magical world of stitch

IMG 1734

Over the weekend I was set a challenge, hares seemed to be a very popular subject, I was challenged to create one. On Saturday evening I did just that.

IMG 1740

This hare is made using appliqué and free motion stitching, so now im going to do a hand stitch version. Just so I can compare them.

IMG 1719

Here are a few images for you from the weekend.

IMG 1732 IMG 1725 IMG 1739

I hope youve enjoyed seeing a little of the art fair. there were so many other amazing artists to see, far too many to show here. Im looking forward to Whitby Art Fair 2018 already.

But now, I need to finish my quilt for Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August. It needs to be finished in the next week. Im well on the way, so heres a small peek to whet your appetite

IMG 1836

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