My first ever blog

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I hope by reading my words and viewing my images you will get to know how i work and what I’m interested in. Firstly i think i should post some recent work so you can see where I’m at. This image is of two Journal quilts. Journal quilts are small quilts that are book sized. A more manageable size to experiment with. I am a member of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. I am also a member of their Contemporary group. Each year we are set a challenge, these two quilts were from last years. They have just come back from being in a touring exhibition with the group, so i thought a good place to start. These quilts are known as Art Quilts and are made to be hung on a wall as pieces of art. The left quilt is called Summer Green Man, the right quilt is Winter Green Man, Holly King. Im very interested in the Folklore of our Island and it features often in my work. They were made to be shown together. I think i will leave it here for this first post, if you have enjoyed it please come again.

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