Journal Quilts and Painting Pottery

I thought Id give you a little more information about Journal Quilts in this post. I mainly make Journal Quilts as a response to a challenge set by the Quilters Guilds Contemporary group. This year is my 3rd year doing so. The two quilts I posted about last time were part of the 2016 challenge. The challenge is to make 12 Journal Quilts in a year, one a month. There are usually a few guidelines at the beginning of the challenge you have to stick to and then its up to you. Last year they were, size, 10x8 and the first four had to contain at least a 1/4 inch of Purple, the second four the same but green and the final four orange. Secondary colours on the colour wheel. I have to admit I didnt really like the size. For whatever reason it made me feel uncomfortable. Not quite A4, a size we are all used to. The previous year had been 12x6, very unusual but I felt a lot happier with that. As an art quilter I tend to naturally lean towards a subject, rather like a painter than a quilter. My first go to is to use a whole piece of cloth, like a canvas, then from there compose like a painter, adding stitch, appliqué and paint to create the image.

The first four quilts, starting in January, subjects that were still on my mind revolved around the winter seasons. Purple is my favourite colour so I enjoyed each of these quilts. I am in danger now of waffling on too much so will keep it brief and let you enjoy the images.

IMG 1617

1, based on a design i did for a different challenge involving symmetry, a green man but this time giving him a seasonal theme.

2, Krampus, a seasonal folkloric character.

3, flying ravens, again a subject of a previous design, this time with lots of free-motion quilting.

4, traditional hexagons with a crow.

I didnt want the quilts to be all about the seasons.The next four had to include green, one of my least favourite colours.

IMG 1618

5, it had to be a green man, the other half of the first quilt, and the two that went to the exhibition.

6, an ammonite. Created from a stencil i cut many years ago. Ammonites can still be found in the cliffs and on the beaches of my home town of Whitby.

7, I had been sorting though family photos and thought they would make a wonderful subject. This is an image of two of my children on a family walk many years ago.

8, the same little girl as in the previous quilt only this time grown up with her own child. This is a subject I’m going to explore further

The final four, orange, a wonderful colour not much used.

IMG 1619

9, more crows this time on a pieced background using sheer fabrics.

10, an autumn scene using free-motion stitching

11, another crow, this time from folklore

12, from a photo of my grandparents on their Golden Wedding anniversary.

I have used many subjects and techniques in these quilts, but for me the overall lessons that I return to are, the use of self dyed fabric, free-motion stitching, hand stitching and wanting to use up every scrap, up-cycling as well.

Inevitably i have waffled on! So where is the pottery painting? I spent a lovely few hours today at a pottery painting shop not far from home. I painted two plates for my grandsons. The colours are very pale and chalky, once fired they will change and become bright, a least i hope they do! The subject is a gull called Gulliver, but more of him another time.

IMG 1613

Hope you have enjoyed this foray into Journal Quilts, till next time.

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