Gullivers Christmas Adventure.

My grandsons came to stay on their own just before Christmas with their parents coming a couple of days later. I really wanted to make a special book for them. So Gullivers Christmas Adventure was born. I had recently taken part in The Whitby Krampus Run, and wished to include this new and exciting day in the Whitby calendar.

Whitby Krampus Run

What an magical day it was. I wished to explore this theme further. So Gulliver meets a little lost Krampus called Hans. Hans came with his mum and dad for the Krampus run and got lost. Gulliver tries to help him find them. They have many adventures looking for Mr and Mrs Krampus. Seeing many sites in Whitby that can be found.

Searching in Whitby Searching in Whitby

There are just a couple of pages within their search.

Finally they meet the man in red and ask for his help.

Meeting Father Christmas

He tells them he will help them, but its not as simple as you might think. A further adventure is in store. But first Christmas Day with Mrs Jolly, a friend of Father Christmas. And presents of course.

Christmas day

Followed by the Whitby Tradition of The Boxing Day Dip.

Boxing Day dip

Eventually being reunited with mum and dad and Father Christmas. Alls well that ends well, the story ending with Hans and his parents heading for the far North and home.

Going home with mum and dad

The story written I illustrated it in stitch. 20 stitched images and two enverlopes containing letters make up the story. A small selection of them here.

It was a big ask just before Christmas and a last minute joy for my grandsons. I wonder how many more adventures I can have with Gulliver. You will have to wait and see.

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