Gulliver on Tour

As sometimes happens, life gets in the way. Now im back. Ive been working with Gulliver a lot recently. Hes a very busy little chap. And now hes off on tour. Last year as part of a quilting website I am a member of, ( UKQU.co.uk) I entered some quilts featuring Gulliver into a competition and was asked to send all six of my enteries to Grosvenor shows to go on tour with them. The tour starts in August at

The Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate, 30Aug-1Sept

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Newark, 13-15 Sept

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Malvern, 18-20 Oct

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Duxford, 25-27 Oct

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Kent, 8-9 Nov

Springfields Christmas Quilt Show, Spalding, 6-7 Dec

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This is Tea for Two and was my entery for the June competition.

In this quilt we see Gulliver and his girlfriend Gail enjoying tea on the beach watching as the sun sets. Which it does into the sea at this time of year in Whitby. What a wonderful way to end the day.

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This is the final entry called Winter Wonderland

Gulliver never misses a chance to help out. This time he’s helping Jack Frost make magic with his very own wand. Brrr.

There are six quilts in total. If youd like to see them all, head on over to one of the shows. If you do see him please let us know. Gulliver does love meeting new people.

I will make sure its not so long before I post again. Promise.

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