Festival of Quilts 2017

This is my second year entering a quilt for Festival of Quilts, held in Birmingham in August each year. There are many catagories you can enter. Last year I entered two quilts,

Beach Life

IMG 1637

On the Edge of Destruction.

IMG 0153

This year I entered one, into the Quilters Guild Challenge, the theme was ‘Free’. I decided to base my quilt around ammonites that you can find in the cliffs and on the beaches of my home town, ammonites that free themselves from the cliffs.

First experiments

IMG 1343 IMG 1380 IMG 1323

After a lot of experimentation I decided to stencil fairly monochrome ammonites to my fabric, stitching around them and free motion stitching inbetween them.

IMG 1989

I appliqued ammonites onto it, cut through it until i was happy with my composition. I used a long thin format to echo slices of rocks that fall from the cliffs. Unfortunatly i wont be bale to get to FoQ but if you do I hope you will hunt it out.

Slice, number 178, Quilters Guild Challenge

IMG 1974

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