Ammonite Quilt Show

On the 22 June this year my quilt group had their bi-annual show. It was well supported with lots of visitors and lots of wonderful quilts. Here is a selection of what I showed.

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This quilt ( on the left) is hand stitched panels in blue of asects of Whitby. Taken from my own images and drawings. Sashed with white and blue fabrics then machine quilted. Im very pleased with the overall result and have made small kits based on it which seem very popular.

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This is one of the panels that has Whitby harbour and Gulliver in it.

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Talking of Gulliver, we had a challenge to complete called Chinese whispers. One person had an image from which to create a small quilt. The second person saw only the first quilt and not the image from which to create their own quilt. I was the last person on the list. I chose to use the colour blue from the quilt I was shown, flowers, buttons and a paisley design that I thought looked like little mice. I was then free to create my own quilt. of course Gulliver got in on the act!

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This quilt is hand stitched hexagon flowers. A lot of which came from swaps from a FB page called UK Quilters United. I bound them in a wonderful green fabric covered in bugs which I think sets them off a treat. Isnt it a lovely result from a collaberation.

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This small journal quilt is one of 12, one a month over the period of a year. I chose to base them on childrens drawings, mainly my grandsons, but there are two that are over 30 and 20 years old respectivly. This little quilt is based on a drawing by my 3yr old grandson, it is of myself, him and his grandad on the beach. I bound all 12 quilts into a little book. What a treasure it is.

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