Gullivers Christmas Adventure.

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Ammonite Quilt Show

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Gulliver on Tour

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Journal Quilts 2017

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Judith Clarke

Hello and welcome to my website.

I’m Judith Clarke, a textile artist living in North Yorkshire. Its here you will find images of my work, thoughts about why I do what I do and it’s here you will hear it all first.

I’ve lived in Whitby for 10 years now, continually being inspired by the coast and it’s light, myths and folklore - abound in my corner of the world. All finding their place in my work.

First and foremost these days I am an Art Quilter, I love to recycled and reuse. I use traditional techniques as well as more experimental methods. Keeping my repetoire simple means I can concentrate on process and ideas.

Welcome, please come on this journey with me into a world of creativity and magic.